The Misfits – Bullet.

In June 1978 The Misfits put out their 2nd release, Bullet, an E.P consisting of four songs on Plan 9 Records.

Bullet is the lead track and fits so much into its 1:38 duration that it’s quite hard to see why the E.P. isn’t held in higher regard than it already is. The sound of Bullet is light years ahead of 1978. This is not just punk. The song is frantic yet tuneful. The lyrics and delivery deviate into a fist in the air ending. Bullet is one of my most played songs in my iTunes library – it is so for a reason. The tone of the track is horror punk with images of Kennedy played superbly well lyrically – by the time the last four drum bars ring you know – first listen – that it’s a classic.

We Are 138 ironically the length of Bullet is a 3 seconds longer than the E.P. opener. Is anthemic Misfits at their very best. A constant chorus leads to a brief guitar lead before the track slows whilst losing absolutely no power.

Attitude is a great song even if it’s not just quite up to the standard of the two openers. The guitar gets a slightly longer break and Glenn Danzig is proving his real vocal skills on this amazing E.P.

Hollywood Babylon is controlled power throughout. Almost a deeper sound that swirls occasionally. At 2:20 it is the longest track on the E.P. and again is sheer quality.

1000 copies were pressed and, again, the record must be worth a small fortune at time of writing and a worthy investment if you can ever find a copy…


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