The Misfits – Teenagers From Mars.

In September 1978 The Misfits planned their 3rd Single release. The record never came out and less than 10 copies are in existence. 1 copy has Teenagers From Mars on both sides, the others are coupled with Static Age which oddly occupies the A-Side.

Static Age is a powerful, chuggy blast. It is probably best tracked down on the Legacy Of Brutality compilation unless you have money to burn / invest wisely.

Teenagers From Mars is a bona-fide Misfits classic. Punk Elvis imagery in it’s vocal style and a devilish build that just gets better and better throughout. Background howls that add an awful lot to the tone of the ‘horror punk’, I can’t do it justice with written words.

In the late 80’s a copy of Teenagers From Mars sold for about £300. Today it would command astronomical prices due to the bands legacy and its rarity. Insanely an American record store somehow was delivered a copy and sold it for $1.

The single was never given an official release due to lack of funds – now that is just crazy…



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