Forget Bill Withers, it’s ALL about James Gadson!

In 1972 when I was busy eating Farley’s Rusks somewhere for the BBC show The Old Grey Whistle Test a classic recording was laid down.

The song was “Ain’t No Sunshine” – you will know it – everyone does. It has a very soulful, heartfelt delivery from Bill Withers, so earnestly delivered that you can clearly see beads of sweat on his brow and feel his pain.

This does not stop the performance being totally stolen by James Gadson on drums. None of this drummer in the background malarky – Gadson is at the front from the cameras perspective. As the camera pans to him it lingers for his near mocking style. For such a sorrowful sounding song, Gadson looks like the most content, happy person on earth as he shuffles the drum kit providing a simple but very effective beat.

A classic song where Gadson gets one back for all the drummers of the world, even if that was never his intention…


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