The Misfits – Horror Business.

In June 1979 The Misfits released their 4th single Horror Business. Technically Who Killed Marilyn would have been the 4th single / E.P. except it never got past acetate, 1 copy of that acetate exists so lets go with a proper actual release.

2025 copies of Horror Business were pressed on 7 inch vinyl (two pressings) some including a note about strange background noises picked up on the recording suggesting the studio was haunted.

Horror Business is catchy well paced powerful punk at its very best. Clean yet mirky production giving way to slicing guitar and that vocal from Glenn Danzig. The song launches gradually into a sing-a-long even if it is anthem material for its whole duration. At just 2:46 long it is an epic song.

Teenagers From Mars features those ‘mysterious’ howls suggested on the insert notes. It is, again, an astonishingly powerful punk blast. The song too launches into a sing-a-long anthem and the quality of Misfits songs is so high one can only really wonder how they passed so many people by when the records actually came out.

Children In Heat I have always seen as welded to Teenagers From Mars. Rather like The Cramps ‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf / Sunglasses After Dark’ the two songs just sit so well together that they may as well be a part one and part two – if you get my drift? The song is less playful than Horror Business and Teenagers From Mars and brings the E.P. to a dark, yet always punky – close...



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