… and the best song by Nirvana was…

Recorded in very early 1991, Nirvana, with their most famous line-up wrote probably their best ever song. The track would appear as the B-Side to their most famous ever single release.

I can recall the track being played in the background on Snub TV (BBC2) as a montage for the band walking from the dressing room to go on stage. I thought, damn that is a great sound.

Aneurysm has a lot of power, it is arguably Nirvana at their real peak. They weren’t ‘huge’ when it was written and it maintains a lot of hardcore sensibilities. Dave Grohl has probably never sounded better on any record and the drum driven / feedback intro makes the thrill of a live show transcend to a recorded song.

The track was written by Kurt for his one time girlfriend  Tobi Vail even if the subject matter, lyrically, like most Nirvana tracks – is abstract. I’m pretty sure it’s the band best ever song…

about a girl (Tobi Vail-Kurt Cobain)


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