The Lovely Eggs.

On 25th November 2012 the band I play in were lucky enough to support The Lovely Eggs for their Birmingham date of their nationwide tour.

I’d never heard The Lovely Eggs before and it had been suggested that there would be a contrast in music styles. This seemed to matter not one jot as a cold, wet November night turned out to be quite a cool gig all round.

The Lovely Eggs with a very minimal guitar and drums featuring Holly Ross and David Blackwell muster quite a full-on sound. An obvious reference could be The White Stripes but that would be a tad daft as they amble comfortably into quirky alternative accessible pop and at times Ramones territory too.

This short blog post is just to spread the word, albeit slightly and generally recommend the band. Here are three of their songs and if you have 10 minutes or so to kill I really figure you may like them…

Lovely Eggs 2011-05-19Photo6

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