Guns n’ Roses – You Could Be Mine.

In June, 1991 Guns n’ Roses released a proceeding single to the hugely ambitious Use Your Illusion albums. Matt Sorum replaced Steven Adler on drums and the band looked more polished. Polish is not always a good thing and that is the case here.

Guns n’ Roses could never reach the dizzy heights of their debut album Appetite For Destruction. The became absolutely huge but the raw power of their debut album was gone.

That said, You Could Be Mine still was a great rock single. The song was heavily used to promote the blockbuster movie Terminator 2 and somehow the two went hand in hand very well. Both single and film were more mainstream, slicker versions of the more direct / genuine art that was their predecessors.

You Could Be Mine peaked at Number 3 in the U.K Singles Chart and it is one of the better songs from the Use Your Illusion albums. Whoever decided to put Civil War on the B-Side though really needed their marketing skills examined closely as that is a far better song…



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