The KLF Vs The Moody Boys – What Time Is Love?

Initially I never got Acid House and the rave scene. Give me a ‘guitar’ band anyday.

These thoughts changed to an extent as a song by The KLF was heavily played on The Fighting Cocks jukebox circa 1990. The ‘version’ that was heavily played was the version credited as The KLF Vs The Moody Boys (What Time Is Love?).

The song would go on to be a big chart hit and was re-released in many guises. It remains the best track the outfit would ever release.

Dubby beats bleeping their way out the track slowly pulls you in. The end of the song had a vibe I not really heard before circa 1990. That uplifting vibe as the song phases out. All of I sudden, when the song came on the jukebox I was thinking very positively of it. I never experienced the song at a ‘rave’ but can imagine it must have been euphoric – it is a unique track.

The KLF became an outfit to watch closely and had a string of Number 1 singles following What Time Is Love. They somehow made Acid House Rock N’ Roll. Beyond that they were clearly ‘artists’ and when presented with the opportunity to play at the Brits in 1992 played their Number 1 single 3 a.m. Eternal with Extreme Noise Terror and left a dead sheep on the steps of the venue.

The outfit pushed the shock art to a level rarely seen before or since when they burned a £ Million cash which is an art / madness statement without equal in Pop Culture.

Madness, art, Acid House, rock n’ roll. You decide, whatever you decide the outfit were one of a kind…



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