The Misfits – 3 Hits From Hell.

In April, 1981, The Misfits released three new songs on the 7 Inch E.P. 3 Hits From Hell. The band were getting noticed and a total of 10,400 copies were pressed and sold.

London Dungeon is a doomy affair that reflected the band getting arrested on  their U.K. tour. The Damned invited the band to support them but pulled the plug on the show leaving The Misfits high and dry. Glenn Danzig’s voice is allowed more room on the song and the production is markedly the best so far for an actual release.

‘They called us walking corpses

Unholy living dead

They had to lock us up

Put us in their British Hell”

Horror Hotel is a faster song and that Punk Elvis / Jim Morrison style is in full effect.

Ghouls Night Out is playful, fast and catchy building up to a very strong anthemic chorus which is staple for so many Misfits songs…




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