The Misfits – Walk Among Us.

In March, 1982, The Misfits released their debut album Walk Among Us. 13 songs with a running time of less than 25 minutes the album is a classic. The main bone of contention is that the band should have released an album before Walk Among Us. This loses some of the impact and an album containing the preceding classics could be hailed as an all-time classic.

20 Eyes gets the album going with what would be labeled as ‘horror punk’. It is a worthy album opener and, as stated before, the band simply have no bad songs at all.

I Turned Into A Martian gets away with its daft title and veers towards being another Misfits classic.

All Hell Breaks Loose and the album racks up a bar. For a song so short it fits an awful lot in its time span. The song gets more and more urgent and is yet another total Misfits classic.

Vampira sees a slight change in musical direction. Slight. Sounding like a testosterone version of The Cramps the songs chants its way out of your speakers.

Nike-A-Go-Go and more of that hardcore horror punk chant-a-long. Whilst not in the ballpark of some of the bands earlier singles it still is a gem.

Hatebreeders and the foot comes off the pedal slightly. A longer song than usual from The Misfits it still works in a way many bands can only dream of emulating.

Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? is a live recording that sits oddly well on the (largely) studio album. Fast, furious and strangely not as daft as the title suggests, the track fades into the intro of London Dungeon which agonisingly fades. Yet another classic.

Side Two kicks of with Night Of The Living Dead which was a proceeding single.

Skulls is up next. Again the pace dips very slightly and Glenn Danzig sings like only he can. The gear drops and Danzig sings, briefly in a muted way before a triumphant sharp ending.

Violent World is a weaker song but still essential listening.

Devils Whorehouse with its crashing sludgy sound is yet another Misfits classic.

Astro Zombies and the chants are back. A great song.

Braineaters at under a minute closes the album in near Sham 69 style. How The Misfits pull off this sound without the song sounding as bad as Sham 60 often did is down to te pure quality and originality of The Misfits…








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