Danzig – II Lucifuge

In June 1990 Danzig released their 2nd album II Lucifuge on Def American. Again the album was produced by Rick Rubin.

The album is a progression from the ultra-stripped down debut and is both more blues influenced and in places heavier than the bands first album.

Long Way Back From Hell offers a fast pace, howling guitar and Glenn Danzig is in incredible form vocally. The song is more than metal and ticks many genres in its span.

Snakes Of Christ bleeds in with a twisting riff. An undercurrent of evil blues pulls the track forward. Vocal images  are far better than standard metal acts. The production is clear and clean.

Killer Wolf takes the album to a calmer yet no less brooding place. A post punk via metal Roy Orbison is what comes to mind and yet again Glenn Danzig showcases an incredible vocal talent.

Tired Of Being Alive and the blues return. Heavy Metal power yet subtle with it.

I’m The One and we have full on blues. Somehow channeling The Cramps the song is one of a kind from the Danzig stable.

Her Black Wings starts with a mellow chug that rises and deviates. The understated chorus is ripped apart with crashing drum patterns.

Devil’s Plaything goes for the more epic approach. Mellow fingerpicking gives way to a powerhouse of stripped down full-on blues metal.

777 slides its way out of the speakers. Doomy vibes build to that full on rock song. Led Zeppelin circa Physical Graffiti is hinted at in this post punk metal gem.

Blood And Tears phases in and out of full on sound and a softer vibe prevails. John Christ finally unleashes a blues solo and he is a guitarist that deserves a lot more credit than he gets.

Girl almost has a hint of ACDC about it. The track stutters about and never really gets up to full pace despite the vocalist putting in one hell of an effort.

Pain In The World closes the record with a Black Sabbath vibe. Slow. Really fucking slow. Powerful and evocative. Tangible threat looms as the song rises like a phoenix.

Danzig II Lucifuge underlines what talent the whole band had coupled with more fantastic production by Rick Rubin. It achieved moderate success when released and really deserves higher credit and respect. I prefer the debut album but this comes very, very close…





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