Danzig III – How The Gods Kill.

In the Summer of 1992, Danzig released their 3rd studio album Danzig III : How The Gods Kill. If the first album is stripped down, real deal, hard rock the second added more blues and an altogether softer sound. For the third album the band pulled out all the plugs and went with a very round full on blast.

Godless starts fast. Rattling by like a train. That clean production is still very present. The track then lulls to a slower than Sabbath pace. So slow it almost grinds to a halt. Then, the pace returns. The song should be cited as a classic, no matter which genre. Incredible album opener where the listener may already be pondering ‘is this their finest moment’.

Anything starts slow and sparse. Glenn Danzig’s vocals lift the track before a tapping high-hat signals a full on speaker shatterer. The song is on par with the opener and Danzig III is already on proverbial fire. It builds to a powerful ending.

Bodies offers strains of blues before a devilish swirl of a riff and that full-on sound. A bluesy breakdown offers yet more Jim Morrison shadows and the pace racks back up. Shades of post punk Zeppelin are suggested somehow too. Check out the video below, is there a better minimal / full-on drummer than Chuck Biscuits anywhere?

How The Gods Kill slides in with soft fingerpicking. The threat of doom is wonderfully close as chords are gently caressed. A full two and a half-minute build up gives way to John Christ wielding his axe like guitar in astonishing fashion. The song phases in and out of full-on and that softer threat. It’s a classic.

Dirty Black Summer has surprise hit single written all over it. It was a single but not really a hit. The video features Glenn Danzig mockingly kicking sand in the camera and despite its powerful sound is surprisingly tongue-in-cheek.

Left Hand Black is another beast of a song that twists around like a wild animal. This is real rock / metal. How did Def Leppard sell so many albums and this band go almost criminally ignored?

Heart Of The Devil showcases the frontmans voice from the off. Sleazy and dirty the song sits well on the album even if it is far from being its best track.

Sistinas is soft the whole way through and serves as somewhat of a breather from this full on rock assault.

Do You Wear The Mark plods along as medium pace before a very late surge.

When The Dying Calls closes the album in mid paced fashion and is a less remarkable song. It does not make the album any worse though.

Danzig III : How The Gods Kill was a minor hit in America and really deserved to take the band into a far more successful arena. 1992 was in many ways a stale music period and Danzig at the time (and beyond) should have been lapped up…



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