My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise

On the 8th of the 8th, 1988 most of my immediate friends disappeared off to Glastonbury for some mass gathering that I knew nothing about. I would have been invited, but in pre-mobile phone days I just did not know it was going on and missed out. It was a ‘fallow’ year for the festival if I remember rightly. Hawkwind played in a field, (no surprises there then) – and I imagine people freaked out looking at the stars, etc.

That date will always stick with me. Miffed that my best mates, or some of them, had left me stranded in Birmingham I went to a party with some college mates instead. I probably had the better time – although I will never know for sure.

The date also marked the release of a single / E.P.  from the emerging, unique band My Bloody Valentine. I had heard of the band but not consciously heard them.

Being 18 going on 19 at the time I had just started going to clubs, more of the ‘guitar’ variety than emerging raves but I went to both and just went with the flow. That mish-mash of sounds probably helped forge and influence key music that would follow, an obvious example would be The Stone Roses.

You Made Me Realise (My Bloody Valentine) did not chart – it didn’t need to. With a limited run of 1000 on 7 inch vinyl it couldn’t have anyway I guess.

In EVERY indie nightclub the throb / drone of the song would pulse the speakers at one point guaranteed. It was one of those songs that everyone just loved. It was, at the time, marking music of the time. It has aged uniquely well from this scene and the band, rightly, get a lot of acclaim. Driven like no ‘Indie’ band had ever sounded the song has a spirit to it and blurs into dreamy states with real ease despite sounding full-on throughout.

The band themselves looked like the generation personified. Colm O Ciosoig and Debbie Googe with their frantic animation contrasted starkly with Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher looking like the coolest, most disinterested fuckers ever to walk the planet.

My Bloody Valentine are still active although ‘active’ is an ironic word for the band. Two albums in 29 years yet still promise of a new record. With a new album suggested before the end of the year they have one day left to release it. Don’t hold your breath, but if they do fulfill that promise – expect it to be taken away…



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