The Smurfs – It all starts here.

Happy New Year and excuse the drunkest entry I have ever posted.

‘The Smurfing Song’ by The Smurfs was the first record I ever bought. I’m not ashamed to admit that at all. I have close friends that first record purchase was the Sex Pistols, but I would not change a thing. Really, I wouldn’t.

Not only did I buy ‘The Smurfing Song’ once, but I bought it twice with my pocket-money as an 8-year-old wishing the song would get to Number 1. It was stuck at Number 2 for what seemed like an eternity in 1978, held off the top slot by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (You’re The One That I Want).

With hindsight, of course, The Smurfs were a novelty act, but the tone of the song hit a spot with me that I will always remember fondly.

After saving up for a while I bought the album too as an 8-year-old. I played that Decca labelled vinyl ’til it could take no more and it was my first music love.

The Smurfs had humour and an outrageous mix of a Jewish elder with German sounding sympathetic Smurfs. The album had fun (Smurfing Beer) and unlikely deep songs such as ‘Why’ which is a much better song and message than current or recent novelty acts by a weighty distance.

The peoples world is so full of hate, It has to change before it is to late, they shoot with guns, bring so much fear, maybe it will be better by next year” lets face it. Those aren’t Teletubbies lyrics are they!

I’m aware I’m too Merry typing this but kudos to The Smurfs, they made me go on a music spree that has never stopped since…



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