Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow.

In 2001 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds released their 11th album No More Shall We Part. I do not know the whole album in-depth enough to go through it properly.

A small personal muse is that Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow, as a single, would be the bands last release whilst I still worked in a record shop. The single, again, did not bother that charts – but, again, this hardly matters.

I noticed, whilst selling records, that all Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds albums sold well initially then dropped off sales wise. I also noted that customers buying the albums were those with taste that I tended to respect a lot.

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow, even if you do not like the artist, is a great song. It transcends the moody, brewing style of the artist and to an extent should have crossed him over more. Marking a brief period of inactivity possibly due to alcohol and heroin the main man was back in style, not that the records were bad before.

In like 100 years time – some artists that did sell by the millions will never be reflected upon in depth. Like Henry Rollins, Swans and The Fall, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will be reflected upon as the true artists they are – it hardly matters that they do not appeal to the masses.

The songwriting skill in evident in this song. I’m not sure why but the band always evoke thoughts of The Pogues to me. Here the sprinkle of a near John Carpenter tinkling adds so much, with so little. A rousing epic…



One thought on “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow.

  1. I like this but I would rate ‘As I sat sadly by her side’ from the same LP as simply one of the best songs ever written by anyone in the whole history of everness., ever!

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