The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil

In 1985 Channel 4 showed a season of ‘risque’ films largely European in flavour. The movies had a small triangle in the top corner to warn you of the content. Nowadays this seems primitive and, well, silly more than anything.

As a 15 year old and having a small black and white portable television in my bedroom the films were essential rebellious viewing. Viewing figures must have been through the roof in this masterclass of marketing by Channel 4.

One film from the season was One Plus One by Jean Luc Goddard. The movie was culturally and musically enlightening and unlike films I had seen before.

Throughout the film The Rolling Stones jam a new song. The song would become one of the bands most famous songs. In 1985 I had never heard the song they jammed before but after a while it got through to me. I figured I’d never get to know what the song was called. Was it called “Pleased To Meet You”?

I searched 2nd hand records shops and market stalls scouring the back of Rolling Stones albums – there was no such track.

It took me a full year to realise the song was Sympathy For The Devil and although I am no fan of the band the song and film are classics in all respects…



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