Adam and The Ants – Stand & Deliver.

In May, 1981, Adam & The Ants hit the top of the U.K singles chart with their first single since their primitive, breakthrough and all-conquering 2nd album Kings Of The Wild Frontier. 

Stand & Deliver is a prime example of a band at their commercial peak. The outfit could do no wrong at this point and after a deluge of re-releases of earlier material following the success of the Kings Of The Wild Frontier material – this new record took things a step further in terms of the band’s success. Unlike, say Blur (Country House) or Madness (House Of Fun) this peak was not only a ‘right band at the right time moment’ – Stand & Deliver mirrored this peak by delivering one of Adam & The Ants’ best pop singles.

The single (Stand & Deliver) was at Number 1 for 5 weeks and sold over a million copies. 5 weeks for a kid at Junior School was like an eternity and every kid in my class just loved the record and revelled in its success.

Top of the Pops was like and event for every week the record was at Number 1. For the first real-time you didn’t want to see the band in the studio – you just wanted to see that video again. I’m pretty sure TOTP cut the video shorter and shorter each week it was at the summit – as the title credits rolled (for TOTP) you’d be watching thinking ‘please don’t finish before he jumps through the window!’

The video, despite its tongue-in-cheek style was arguably even better than the sound. I believe this pre-MTV video took the art form of music video to another level – this was 1981 remember. Take a quick look at the Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction video (1987) and ponder the clear influence Stand & Deliver had…



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