Frank Zappa – Hot Rats.

In October, 1969, Frank Zappa moved on from the sound of Frank Zappa & The Mothers with an album that is often cited as his best work. Whether it is – or not – his best album – is almost besides the point – Hot Rats is an album that stands pretty much alone from all albums by any artist.

I listen to Hot Rats usually once about every 2 or 3 years. That has changed recently and I have listened to it three times in two days on my commute to and from work. The album fits the time span of my journey perfectly and as it’s too cold and dangerous to cycle at present I have let the music wash over me on packed West Midlands buses. I really wonder if fellow commuters have worked out my wry smile as my headphones have fed me this psychedelic / jazz masterpiece.

I won’t go through the songs track by track as I do not know them in-depth enough to comfortably do them all justice. What I do know is the wig-outs and jams this album delivers in spades sound both before my time (which they are), and just timeless.

The opening two songs pull you in with their contrasting styles and vibe and there is so much depth and just damn amazing musicianship on the album that I really feel I’d need to listen to it for about a year to be able to give a real review. I’ll stop rambling. Press play, buy it, Spotify it – or whatever. Play it loud and marvel at a real talent…



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