Twin Peaks

In 1990, Sky Magazine (a late 80’s / early 90’s pre-hipster magazine) ran an article on the soon to be aired Twin PeaksThe television show was like nothing seen on mainstream television before. A small community coming to terms with the murder of a high-school girl Laura Palmer set the backdrop for the most sublime cult television show I have ever seen air as a new show.

Sure, there had been The Prisoner and other surreal television shows before but Twin Peaks was definitely doing something new. The pilot and second episode were promising and had an air of wacky cool about them – the show simply looked great too.

It would be Episode three where the show would hook viewers and cause mouths to open and eyes to widen as David Lynch took what was a mainstream television show to baffle the viewers. The whole ‘who killed Laura Palmer?’ premise both became a burning question and inconsequential as the show went off at right angles peppered with frankly fantastic characters and scenarios.

The scene below, which closes Episode Three (Series One) is beyond explanation. It alludes to Laura Palmer’s double life and has both menace and real art in equal measure. I watched every episode as it aired, sometimes with hooked friends, sometimes alone, sometimes with Cherry Pie too. I have never re-watched Twin Peaks as I cannot bear the thought that it wasn’t as good as my memory of it. Somethings are best left alone…



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