Klark Nova, Knife Cutter, Interlard, We Hear Owls, Female Smell 9th February, 2013 @ The Wagon & Horses, Birmingham.

The gig list returns – it’s been a while.

Whilst I would not review the band in which I play in normally this gig from last night was a collective enough to make me feel like writing some sort of snapshot.

I will not rate the bands as previously on my gig list as that would be too self-indulgent. I will state quite clearly that all of the bands on the bill are worth further investigation and do catch them live if you get the opportunity.

Trio Female Smell played a 15 minute set that set the tone for the night and the bar was set high with a powerful and dirty rock n’ roll vibe. A challenging, compelling frontman snaking around the room like he was born to sing in a very dangerous group accompanied by a blisteringly good drummer and deadpan guitarist. Check them out here http://femalesmell.bandcamp.com/

As I play in We Hear Owls I will not offer a review as that would be just wrong. Technical hitches made for a tense feel from the stage but peoples positive comments made it feel better afterwards than at the time of playing.

Interlard featured a guitarist I had not seen for about 20 years and delivered a droning longer than long epic. Do catch them if you can. Hypnotic noise that needs to be heard offering a sound that encapsulates Birmingham.


Knife Cutter were, to me, the best band of the evening. That said, the evening was no competition and all bands despite being very different had that love of alternative music feel which made them all sit well together. Two guys playing the purest angular and fun hardcore that I have heard in ages. Somehow the two of them conjured up the musical mastery offered by the likes of The Fucking Champs and crazily took that sound to a more fun place. Music aside they also put on a great show and had the benefit of that everyones drunk and dancing vibe. A great band that I will listen to more – you should too.

Headliners Klark Nova (from Germany) donned the wackiest outfits I have seen for a while. This kind of worked but they looked pretty rock n’ roll in the first place. Doomy but again angular and they certainly could play. They played so late into the evening that they had fewer watchers than most of the other bands but still delivered.

A special mention to Greg for putting on the bands and generating a clear all round sound that had been well thought out without ever dictating.


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