Brad – Buttercup (PEARL JAM RANT ALERT)

I have ALWAYS disliked Pearl Jam. To the extent that it is actually unhealthy. When considered there is no logical reason as to why I dislike them so much. I can’t even begin to explain why they irk me so – because I do not really know. If I see someone in a Pearl Jam t-shirt I immediately dislike them – this stance is madness, but very true.

Truth be told, when I first heard Pearl Jam on Radio 1 in the very early 90’s playing Alive I actually liked it – a lot. Then, every following single or album or video filled me with illogical inner rage.  Pearl Jam are great musicians but to me reek of the worst crime in music, insincerity. I’d better stop this rant right now.

Then, 7 years ago or so, I found the album Shame by Brad on CD at a car boot sale for 50p. I knew I could sell it for £3 or so very easily so paid the money and trundled off. Then, I had a spare evening and put the CD on. I was in near turmoil as the first song Buttercup rolled out of the speakers with real soft tenderness. Brad contain Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, so naturally I should hate them – but I didn’t. In fact I thought the song was, at the time, one of the best songs I’d heard in ages. I ripped the song to my iTunes library and went no further into the CD. Hell, if I liked that song so much I may venture deep into the murky Pearl Jam waters and no way was I going to allow that to happen!

Stubbornness personified I know and I’m possibly to blame. Maybe Pearl Jam are decent after all. Maybe it’s the lack of Eddie Vedder that made my ears prick up. Maybe it’s the rare vibe of the song and the rest of the Brad CD is actually shit. Hopefully I’ll never know. I’m not going to apologise for what is an aimless rant but to ease the ridiculousness of this post I will admit that I do love this song…



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