The Damned – Grimly Fiendish

First up, The Damned are one of my all-time favourite bands. However in 1985 The Damned veered off in a commercial direction with a straight up Pop song which, although catchy, just damn near ruined a great Punk legacy.

One can hardly blame The Damned for doing this. Their previous 6 studio albums all sold far less than they should have and the band are always seen as the poorer relations of the classic Punk bands. So when MCA (the label, not the credible hip-hop maestro) came sniffing sensing the charts were ripe for a Goth Pop band The Damned went with the flow.

The band minus Captain Sensible would be susceptible to a different sound – and boy was that sound different. The result, The Damned sounded like Madness and looked like a kids show, gothic Adam & the Ants, only far, far worse. MCA were right, the single was the biggest hit The Damned had had for years. More was to follow and Elouise was only kept off the Number One slot by a cleaner from Hi-Di- Hi.

I have never really blamed The Damned for doing this and to be honest the song is a decent Pop ditty. It still makes me scratch my head though…



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