Art Garfunkel – Bright Eyes (Watership Down).

In 1979 my Uncle took me to my local record shop and as an Easter gift said “pick anything”. With hindsight I should have picked something more expensive but all I really wanted as an 8-year-old was the Number One single.

The video was so eerily sad. The song was so evocative and desperate that one could not fail to be totally won over by it. I bought the book (Watership Down) and needed to see the movie as soon as possible.

This happened quickly and Watership Down was screened at my Junior School (probably illegally thinking about the timeframe) in an after school Film Club. The admission was 25p! Not even the sun peeking through the Assembly Hall could ruin the atmosphere as the film rolled into the deep.

Watership Down may not have played torment with emotions to the extent that E.T. soon would do – but it came pretty darn close. As the credits rolled parents, pupils and teachers looked visibly moved by that full length feature that used animation so well. The film is quite a one-off thinking about it now and the song remains a classic even if that is slightly embarrassing to admit.

As a footnote, no kid of the late 70’s can forget the Tiswas joyous moment that the song spawned too…


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