Underworld – Born Slippy.

When I worked in the record store certain customers grabbed ones intrigue. A customer that always bought the most clued up, forward-looking music came into the shop on Friday lunchtime, almost religiously.

I had ordered a 12″ of Born Slippy by Underworld. One copy. On vinyl. I kind of knew anything on the Junior Boy’s Own label would sell. I did not know what a monster this song would eventually become.

The said, clued up customer grabbed the copy of Born Slippy, (the initial release) to his chest like it was gold dust. I thought “hmm, I should have given that a listen” immediately. he brought it to me asked me to spin it on the turntable and broke out in a huge grin immediately and said ‘I’ll take it’. Damn.

This was the original version before trainspotting catapulted the song to Number 2 in the charts. I thought the track was a fad for a while until hearing it in a club in the mid 90’s, around the time it became huge. The space and movement in the song is dynamic and really quite a deep trance inducing song – in a good way.

Whilst it did, unexpectedly cross over. The song remains a real undergound / overground (wombling free?) euphoric classic…



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