Husker Du – Find Me.

Last night I listened to Green (R.E.M) and Flip Your Wig by Husker Du. It is fair to state that Candy Apple Grey is a closer album, in style to Green. I went backwards and scanned my Husker Du collection. One does not have to go far back to find the real magic that must have enticed Warner Brothers to sign Husker Du.

Flip Your Wig can be a difficult listen but I would say that it is one of the 20 best albums I have ever heard. It is in the approach. The understated sounds this album achieves. A band fully formed and bustling with painful glory. As I drifted off to sleep the song Find Me simply underlined what a great band Husker Du were.

Lyrically sketchy. Evocative like few records are. The whole album is a journey. Find Me lulls to a guitar run (not solo) that sketches the most dreamy of states. There is no showmanship here – just poetry and a starkly beautiful sound…

Find me a country
Far from my home
Sent me on an airline
And they told me where I’m going
Well I know they tried to get me here
Just to see if I would fly
So find me

So I found this civilization
That they told me all about
There was boats inside of waterfalls
With people jumping out
Of the ocean that kept flaming up
But I know it’s all a lie
So find me

There’s a thousand million voices
They’re screaming in my eyes
Preachers in the forest
Sirens in the sky
Well I walked around and I cried a lot
Thought that I would die
Find me


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