Giorgio Moroder & David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire).

Yesterday I finally got round to watching Inglorious Basterds which was far better than I had expected. The movie delivered a (spoiler alert) trademark Tarantino shoot off / out. The movie also delivered what Tarantino does so well that gets less commented on than his pop art use of violence – a great soundtrack moment.

Every Tarantino film has a moment when you scratch your head and think ‘what is that great song, and why do I not know what it is?’ moment. It’s part of what makes Tarantino movies so unique and special.

Towards the end of Inglorious Basterds there is a moment when the plot has built to a crescendo and the 80’s plod of this song chimes in. It fits the film so well and as the vocal enters one thinks ‘that’s Bowie, isn’t it?’. In my mind the unmistakable vocal had question marks as it was so strong that surely if it was Bowie, then I’d know it already? So the masterstroke is that it is a lesser known Bowie song that is actually a Giorgio Moroder track more than his (Bowies) figuratively is thrust upon us as the movie climaxes.

Cat People (Putting Out Fire) harks back to 1982 and the erotic thriller / remake of the 1942 movie (of the same name Cat People. After, naturally googling ‘what is that song that sound like David Bowie in Inglorious Basterds?’ I remembered the 1982 film – which I have never seen. I recalled that the movie (Cat People) was way beyond my renting as a small kid but remembered the artwork of the VHS video box instantly.

There’s some kind of timely symmetry as Giorgio Moroder, I imagine will get some kind of welcome  renaissance due to the recent Daft Punk album. The song was also tucked away on the B-side of 1983 Bowie chart topper Let’s Dance, which is, with hindsight an awful waste. Heads- up to Tarantino and Moroder and it’s about time this song got some more recognition…



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