Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity.

So. After listening to the recent Daft Punk single and album more than is probably healthy recently some coincidental music happenings seemed to have synced for me. The Moroder / Bowie song which features, quite unannounced in Inglorious Basterds which I enjoyed watching recently encouraged me to pick up, randomly and cheaply on vinyl at a Record Fair on Sunday via the Cat People OST.

I figured the album would be a stand out song then just soundtrack noodlings. I was pleased to find my initial thoughts (before listening to Cat People OST) were very wrong. That album coupled with Daft Punk’s recent Moroder nod made me want to check out more Moroder. So I did.

Maybe attracted to the garish artwork / sleeve I bought the MP3 iTunes download of Giorgio Moroder’s 1977 album From Here To Eternity. Knowing literally nothing about the album again I was very surprised just how forward-looking and sounding it is.

It is too soon for me to do a track-by-track review – so I will resist that. I have listened to the album 5 times in full and it is my current musical education /earworm if you like. From Here To Eternity is equally solid throughout its relatively short duration. There are no fillers.

The thing that really strikes you as you listen to the album is how futuristic it sounds. To think sounds like this were being put together in 1977 is almost beyond belief. An album that will see me check out more from what is clearly a very influential artist…



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