Alt-J – Breezeblocks

I expected Alt-J to be a ‘flavour of the month band’- but then again I hadn’t heard them. I’d just skim read some music press blurb. After listening to their album An Awesome Wave over the weekend I could see (hear) that they are a very unique band.

To be honest it kind of helped hearing them and not seeing them if that makes any sense. The music, especially the vocals highlight what can be truly magical about music. Inventive to the extent that the lyrics almost sound like they have their own unique language.

It’s too easy to cite influences and Alt-J initially conjure up soundscapes of The Pixies and Kate Bush to my ears. If you haven’t heard Alt-J, then like me – you may have some catching up to do. A lovely sound…

A second take of Breezeblocks is worth checking out if only for the Russian Spy in the crowd at 1:25…

Alt-J - An Awesome Wave


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