The Cult – Rain.

This morning it rained. Hard. When Summer rain hits this song usually pops into my mind. Rain because it’s needed is far, far better than standard cold rain. You with me on this?

In 1985 The Cult were a band that grabbed ones attention. Sure, they had that whole Death Cult, Southern Death Cult mystique thing about them. The reality was hardly anyone listened to the two previous incarnations of the band (worth checking out too).

After She Sells Sanctuary stamped a post Punk / post Banshees mark on the charts one wondered if The Cult could live up to the immediate expectations. Well, they did. Their next single Rain although not as immediate as ‘Sanctuary’ saw mid 80’s alternative rock belong to The Cult. Their often overlooked album Love is a great album too and arguably their best (Electric?).

The Cult rose and conquered America to an extent only to be swept kinda aside by Guns N’ Roses and a glam/trash rock sound. The band will always be to me that mid 80’s sound taking rock somewhere new whilst not necessarily sounding new at all…



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