Iron Maiden – Prowler.

As a 10 year old kid one is very sharp and alert to new things. Eager.

When I first saw an Iron Maiden record sleeve in WH Smiths I was  certainly not alone in being struck by the artwork. You could almost sense what the band sounded like by the sleeve.

Looking almost punk and certainly now (then) all of a sudden those denim jackets adorned with patches made sense.

It is well documented that Iron Maiden stood firm against record companies suggesting they go for a more punk sound. New Wave Of British Heavy was born and the band never looked back.

The Derek Riggs artwork for at the bands first four albums (and singles / E.P’s) was almost as dynamic as the music. Maiden would go on to be a clear influence for Slayer and many thrash / crossover bands.

When one finally got round to hearing Iron Maiden it sounded like fresh Heavy Metal. Not a band I’ve ever seen live and that probably will not change. There’s just something about their first four, five or maybe six albums that resonate and reflect growing up. They still sound great…



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