Dead Kennedys – Bleed For Me.

In July, 1982, the Dead Kennedys released their 6th single on both 7 and 12 inch vinyl – Bleed For Me. Whilst every single by the band is essential listening there’s something about this record that see the band maintain their quality yet somehow stretch and encompass more.

Bleed For Me starts with a swell of menace. Quickly it explodes with with chasing, exhausting guitar strains. The lyrics pull no punches and go for the jugular of the ‘secret police’. Paranoia? Genius? – I’ll go with the latter.

Flip the record over and a hidden gem lies in waiting. Life Sentence contains a line / lyric that has resonated with me since my very first listen. The song breaks down and Biafra sneers “I’d rather stay a child, and keep my self-respect, if being an adult, means being, like you”. At various points in my life, usually career related, this lyric has popped out of nowhere and presented itself to my thoughts – whilst not as profound as I’m maybe suggesting the line to me is real hardcore philosophy, the tone in Biafra’s voice tells you all one needs to know. As stated in the paragraph above, genius…



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