New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies.

On the 2nd of May, 1983 New Order released their 2nd studio album Power, Corruption & Lies. The album peaked at Number 4 in the U.K. Album Chart, but more importantly stood at the top of the Independent Charts for an age – who needs the real chart anyway. Released on the iconic Factory label the album did not feature the band name or album title, just the catalogue number on the spine FACT75.

Almost too crazily the album does not feature Blue Monday which had charted a few months before and no track from the album was released as a single. Commercial suicide? Well, no, not really.

From the synth structured Joy Division go Pop sound of the albums opener Age Of Consent the album is a clear musical statement that New Order are their own band and they rise from their previous incarnations ashes here and take on the 80’s.

It is on the albums 4th track where New Order find that extra gear. 586 begins with an abstract, clean Joy Division sound then, after about a minute and a quarter the song fades and shades of that echo from Blue Monday emerge. New Order really were the dance link from 70’s disco into what would become the Rave scene. 586 sounds both unique and unashamedly experimental yet totally familiar.

Power, Corruption & Lies then goes on to generate beautiful waves of sound Your Silent Face and clattering ordered chaos Ultraviolence. The sound of Kraftwerk is evident and Peter Hook lets trademark bass riffs solidify what was a very new sound in 1983 on Ecstasy – decades before Daft Punk the track looks back wearing its influences clearly whilst always sounding light years ahead. The album comes full circle with its final song Leave Me Alone and again the sound of Joy Division shines through, but New Order, intentionally or not have moved on and this album is their real start to what was a glorious decade for them. A classic…



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