Guns N’ Roses – Live At The Ritz 1988.

A band striving for yet found glory. 5 members playing like their lives depended on it. A mate picked this up at a record fair in the late 80’s on good old VHS. I must have watched this show over 50 times over the last 25 years or so – it remains Guns N’ Roses at their very best – there’s no real arguing with this.

As soon as Steven ‘Popcorn’ Adler left (or was kicked-out) the band took a turn for the worse. Truth is, despite some decent records post Appetite For Destruction they were never the same again – the magic had gone.

Nods to ACDC, Aerosmith and the Sex Pistols Guns N’ Roses revived heavy rock in the late 80’s. It didn’t take long until everyones Mum was nodding along to Sweet Child O’ Mine. Massive crossover success and deservedly so. Equally dumb and brilliant the bands heart and soul thankfully is captured here forever…



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