Stiltskin – Inside.


Remember Spring 1994 when Levi’s dropped another one of  ‘those’ 501’s commercials on us? The imagery gave way to swelling guitars with a hook and a dreamy lull. Most people watching must have thought ‘who is this’? Admittedly the music is initially very good.

On Teletext, YES teletext – people speculated if it was Metallica or a return from the Stone Roses. Weirdly the music was not a million miles away from the sound on The Second Coming (which came out about 5 months later). There was no widespread Internet use in those days and the song was momentarily a mystery.

Then the single came out and shot to Number 1 in the U.K. Singles Chart. It was revealed to be by Scottish Pop Rockers Stiltskin who would go on to be one hit wonders of epic failing proportions. The song in full became unbearable. The video of a beaded hulk rolling on the floor didn’t help. Plus, how many freakin’ people were in that band, surely 4 is enough! Still, for that brief minute or so (in the commercial) one held their breath and thought we could be onto something here. Sadly not. Merry Christmas…






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