Kanye West – Black Skinhead.

After, through boredom, reading about Kanye West’s discography thus far I was intrigued by his last two albums (My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy & Yeezus). Not being a fan of the artist but a fan of experimentation in music I thought I’d check these last two albums out. That said I would say Gold Digger, which is frighteningly 9 years ago already, was a great Pop song with very clever word play.

My take on ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy’ & ‘Yeezus’ is too fresh to do any sort of comprehensive write-up. The albums are A LOT more experimental than I would have imagined. Let’s have a quick look / listen at ‘Black Skinhead’ from last years ‘Yeezus’.

Ears open and what, honestly springs to mind, musically is The Timelords / KLF (or dare I even say it Gary Glitter) and Adam & the Ants gone Industrial coupled with slabs of ‘modern’ Hip-Hop. Shades of Aphex Twin even (who Kanye samples on the next track on Yeezus from as far as I can hear). It’s certainly a brave sound and what is astonishing is that these records are selling in huge quantities still. For a mainstream artist to do this commands some kind of respect. If Kanye could loose the ‘Uhhs’ and other rap cliches he really could / should be an artist to watch. It sure has the lyrics and imagery that have edge. Hip-Hop has certainly changed even if the genres halcyon days will almost surely remain unsurpassable…



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