The Cure – The Love Cats

The first time I ever heard The Cure I was 13 years of age. It was not one of the bands more ‘credible’ songs but an utterly charming Pop song with shades of Soft Cell to it. It was a song I’d listen out for on the radio and on Top Of The Pops even if I never got round to buying the single (my pocket money would have been eaten up by the need to buy Clearasil in 1983!).

The Love Cats does not feature on any ‘proper’ Cure album. It did go on to feature on ‘Japanese Whispers’ a summary album of the bands new direction circa 1983/4. It underlined the bands move away from their ‘Goth’ sound even if the band kept that image. Late in 1983 the song was included on the first ever ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ which I received for Christmas along with a personal stereo. This remains the only ever ‘Now’ album I have owned.

What The Love Cats did was encourage me to go backwards and explore The Cure. What I found was many, many treasures…



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