Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill A Man.

In June, 1991, Cypress Hill released their debut single ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ on Ruffhouse Records. Hip Hop was moving fast but in 1991 was becoming a little stale. To put this into time context the single was before ‘Check Your Head’ (Beastie Boys) by a year and mirrors the time Public Enemy first slipped from the Hip Hop forefront.

The record was FRESH. So much so that the word of mouth spread like wildfire and I can recall tapes of their debut album finding their way to most of my immediate circle of friends music centres / tape players. Cypress Hill nailed that frustrated feeling usually reserved for alternative rock acts. The message was different yet despite the cold, near brutal message struck a chord with a global audience. In short, they crossed over like no unheard of (new) Hip Hop outfit did.

Almost 23 years later ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ sounds, today, like it could be new. There’s not many artists one can say that about. Classic Hip Hop beats do not age in the way, for example a ‘Grunge’ act may. From that nasal whine and flowing blunted lyrics that somehow conjure up fuzzy imagery rather than plain aggressiveness that the lyrics would if just read from text, they nailed it. Cypress Hill announced themself to the world in a way that lit up Hip Hop and Alternative music in a way that has seldom been seen since…



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