Malcolm McLaren – Madame Butterfly.

Malcolm McLaren. A name synonymous with a generation and rightly so. He’d have you almost believe he invented Punk – which he didn’t but he was one of the best promotional, ‘talk up’ people there was. He’d get you excited about bands, music and more.

He sought glory for the Sex Pistols, for himself, which kind of did and didn’t work (for him). He was more instrumental in the near needless prolonged Sex Pistols Great Rock N’ Roll Swindle which is a body of work past its true time – but he made it exciting, necessary almost.

When he released records Malcolm McLaren always went somewhere new. You never could anticipate his next move. Like I said – exciting. With his early Pop Hip Hop records circa 1982 his singles hit a note with people who didn’t ‘get’ emerging Hip Hop and Electro. Double Dutch and Buffalo Gals were great, great Chart songs.

It would be very late 1984 when he unleashed his true classic Fans. An album that spawned the still bafflingly beautiful, dreamy Madame Butterfly. The Punk mastermind toyed with Opera and the result, with it’s 80’s slap bass still astonishes today 30 years later…



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