Kanye West – Monster.

I know. I know. I really shouldn’t be listening to Kanye West but reading praise from many sources drew me in to check out his last two albums and to be honest the praise is mostly justified.

Both ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy’ and ‘Yeezus’ are abrasive and not the Pop /Rap one might expect. He’s a superstar that at least is experimenting. Both albums could have been huge flops commercially but they have sold very well.

So the question is, is it art? Maybe. Monster from ‘My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy’ is a collaboration that just should not work. It features Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and some guy from Bon Iver – Bon frickin’ Iver! Eh!

What you get is pretty much Horror Pop. It is catchy and the links between artists one imagines all will have huge egos somehow works evenly. Kanye West melts into the background almost, he sets it rolling and arguably Minaj steals the show. It really does bring to mind mainstream Hip Hop does Aphex Twin whilst channeling the ghost of Michael Jackson. If only this was Prince doing this – then it would be something really special…



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