Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights.

Almost exactly 36 years ago to the day Kate Bush released her delayed debut single Wuthering Heights. The single rose steadily to Number 1 in the U.K. Singles Chart. As an 8 year old kid the song slightly scared me. Not sure why. Not scared as in terrified but possibly the first time I was moved by music. It remains the biggest selling song by Kate Bush and that is very unlikely to change. Sounding, like most great songs do, it sounds other worldly. Like it shouldn’t be as good as it – almost like it is sprinkled with magic.

I guess the truly scary thing is that Kate Bush was only 19 when she released this debut single (written when she was 18). Can you imagine a 19 year old Justin Beiber releasing something this awe inspiring? – Thought not. Although I’m no huge fan of Kate Bush I know art when I hear it. Music that sounds like it fell from another planet…



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