The Smiths – Strangeways Here We Come.

In September 1987 The Smiths released their final studio album Strangeways Here We Come. The album comes in for some unfair criticism and members of the defunct band often cite it as their own favourite long-player. That album a year blueprint (The Smiths 1984, Meat Is Murder 1985, The Queen Is Dead 1986, Strangeways Here We Come 1987) is something bands these days simply do not do. If only eh?

Stephen Street overlooking production gave the album the sound The Smiths were probably looking for all along. Hidden in the sheen of the fantastic production one can almost sense the band falling apart. Marr plays guitar like he’s begging to let more solos fly than ever. Morrissey pens cutting lyrics as ever and for the first time it feels like The Smiths cannot contain both of these artists.

Twee Indie Super Pop with a delicious underbelly knowing it has ventured too far and become a near parody. What The Smiths did superbly was not come back. How could they after the lyrics to Paint A Vulger Picture ?  One could see The Smiths as the ultimate ‘bridge’ band between Siouxsie & the Banshees to The Stone Roses, but they were – oh so much more than that. The first band I ever saw live leave a ridiculously perfect legacy. Untainted love…



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