The 5th Dimension – Aquarius / Let The Sunshine in

Hippes. Who needs ’em? Hang On A Minute. Wait! Just before even I was born The 5th Dimension released Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In. The song was originally on the Hair musical which my Mum had on vinyl, the cover used to freak me out as a kid. This single was released in March 1969 and peaked at Number 11 in the U.K. Singles Chart – it really should have gotten 10 places higher.

From its other worldly first part the song triumphs with that delicious twist / deviation just over half way through. Like a pent-up pentecostal 60’s hymn the song lets loose and gives off such a positive vibe it’s damn impossible not to feel good listening to that change. Whatever they are singing about you want in. Arguably one of the best feel good records I have ever heard. A magical song to wash the blues away. Freakin’ hippies…


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