Soft Cell – Non Stop Erotic Cabaret.

The day after I turned 11 years of age Soft Cell released their debut album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret. A few weeks later I bumped into my Grandmother who had been shopping whilst I had been hanging out with school mates on my BMX. She was laden with shopping bags and asked me to help her carry them. Of course I obliged and I noticed a Woolworths carrier bag with an LP in it.

I looked inside the Woolworths bag and saw Non Stop Erotic Cabaret inside. Quickly the bag was snatched from me. I knew immediately I had seen one of my Christmas presents.

From the years best selling single (Tainted Love) to blue torch songs and peppered with deadpan high-energy alt-pop the album is a classic and easily the bands best despite what others may say. The album peaked at Number 5 and is one of the only records I have kept for over 30 years.

Without a single dud track the album transcends pop and delivers the sleaze the cover promises. It’s often overlooked in terms of ‘classic albums’ but is a pivotal album that in many ways shaped the early 80’s and way beyond. An electronic game changer…


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