Rollins Band – Just Like You

In 1992 music was kind of in a transitional place as far as I’m concerned. Little things were happening that would go on to shape the 90’s music alternative scenes Stateside and in the U.K. 1992 was a weird year. Nirvana were beginning to implode and BritPop was in a very early formative place with the Riot Grrll scene and bands like These Animal Men and SMASH not living up to the press hype.

Angel Dust (Faith No More) and Check Your Head (Beastie Boys) were two albums that took a lot of people by surprise and in ways both albums changed a lot more than they are credited for. Not so much the music but more so the vibes the albums gave off. In 1992 Rollins Band released their 3rd album The End Of Silence and the album was a heavyweight, lengthy reminder of the art of Henry Rollins. It’s probably their best album.

I have always said in like 100 years time or so Henry Rollins will be credited properly for the work that he has put out in many formats and be recognised as one of the finest alternative artists of the last century. In ways his truly best work is within Rollins Band and not Black Flag. This may be a difficult pill to swallow but Rollins Band is 100% exorcism of demons in music. Black Flag was more of a Greg Ginn project, sure it’s legendary but Rollins stole the show as soon as he joined Black Flag and the band were never truly settled despite some incredible albums.

Rollins band played at The Hummingbird in Birmingham twice in quick succession in 1992. The first time supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers (which the attached Late Show footage is from). Then in June of the same year the Beastie Boys had the nous to let Rollins Band headline realising his shows were too intense to follow quite possibly? The latter gig mentioned is one of the best all round gigs I have ever seen.

If you watch the footage you will possibly come to the same conclusion as me. Henry Rollins is living his art. He’s doing it because he needs to. It is him releasing and confronting his demons via art /music. Draw your own conclusions what the song is about. Rollins Band live in 1992 is amongst the most intense live music I have ever heard and whilst it’s stripped down mutant metal / hardcore / punk is too much after a while in short doses nothing can touch this litmus paper of 100% real frustration and correctly channeled rage…




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