The Meteors – Wreckin’ Crew

In the mid 80’s The Meteors released simply loads of records. So many that it was hard to find their essential album / E.P. With a sound steeped in traditional rock n’ roll The Meteors added speed and melody which is, on reflection, pretty unique.

They are often credited as the only real Psychobilly band (which isn’t true) – but they sure were the best. A reference point would be The Cramps, except The Cramps aren’t Psychobilly despite them being taken in by this genre as kinda Godfathers.

Punk. Rock n’ Roll and Hardcore would be somewhere near where The Meteors sit – except it’s pointless trying to pigeon-hole this band. Anyone that saw The Meteors live will recount tales of the most violent audience they’ve been part of. Whilst violence is not good, the dance Meteors fans partook in was the real pre-cursor to moshing and all Psychobilly bands gigs in the 80’s were peppered with scenes of real mayhem – and mostly good fun it was too. Despite black eyes and broken glass The Meteors had a real fanclub, arguably too devoted. Their music these days is often skirted over due to other scenes becoming more prevalent. Those gigs and music in the mid 80’s paved the way for a lot of hardcore bands up to the ‘Grunge’ scene. Their music still stands up well today. Hold my pint, I’m going wreckin…



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