Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant

What’s there to write? For sheer accessibility this is the song. THE band with the best band name of all-time. The most intriguing punk legacy of all. So much so it almost feels stupid re examining their material.

Pretty Vacant was the third single released by the Sex Pistols. It peaked at Number 6 in the U.K. Singles Chart and followed the single that would be denied the Number One slot God Save The Queen. Pretty Vacant precedes their only real album Never Mind The Bollocks which remains, in 2014, one of the most important albums of all-time.

From the artwork to, well just everything about the song and band – this encapsulates the Sex Pistols and goes way beyond the imagery and music. In an age of trends (now) the Punk trend starts and ends with this band. Knowingly they spilt at a time when they would not be able to deliver for he huge clamour that surrounded them. Sometimes the self-destruct button is used very wisely. Legendary…



One thought on “Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant

  1. I love this track. As guitarist it is also a great track to play. The riff, the verse and the chorus are awesome and compliment each other so well. It also has a real sing a long of a vocal

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