With simply loads of music press praise are Eagulls up to the task? With a self-titled album out a few days ago the simple answer is – maybe.

From Leeds, England, Eagulls have a myriad of influences that sit them in a strange place. Hardcore dynamics that make an ageing listener scratch ones head. After watching a short but charged set last night in Birmingham (England) this morning, cycling to work I still had their buzzy sound in my head – this is possibly a good sign, but in truth I’m still undecided.

Eagulls have a drone yet still hit Pop sensibilities – yet not wholly accessible ones. Whether this is good or bad – you decide. Frustration played out through music is a good exercise. They seem the genuine article and the roots of their sound from the rampant Robert Smith style vocal will resonate with some.

With youth on their side I imagine they could come into their own in an album or twos time. Maybe yet again. Weirdly, whilst trying to place their sound this morning cycling in the cold I genuinely thought they sound like The Killers – Somebody Told Me before the chorus of that song hits. A wallowing dirgy pissed off sound and much heavier and alienated than The Killers sound in all fairness.

Eagulls need to ride the current praise and go one gear higher I feel. They could be huge but who knows what they actually want? They collectively have that rock n’ roll dynamic that is so rare but do not have the ‘tunes’ that Oasis did when they broke through for example.

Crossover success or cult favourites, it’s really up to them. Eagulls right now are in a fortunate place. Right band, right time but they need to expand their dynamics.

Maybe. Definitely Maybe…

Eagulls M Res 5

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