Blur – Girls & Boys.

In March, 1994, Blur had what was at the time, an early renaissance. Girls & Boys peaked at Number 5 in the U.K. Singles Chart. The song preceded their now BritPop classic album Parklife by almost two months.

In some ways you have to travel back in time to consider the condition of the credible / popular music industry in early ’94. With Nirvana out of the picture for good, strangely, Blur and the Beastie Boys picked up the pieces (Beastie Boys with Sabotage in January ’94). Both bands mentioned just personified the ‘fuck that, let’s just do this‘ attitude – both songs moved things on, they were fresh.

Blur ‘came back’ with their best Pop song ever and in many ways Girls & Boys is the true start of the BritPop movement, even if they didn’t know this at the time. Catchy, tongue in cheek, and a month before the debut single from a certain band from Manchester named Oasis.

Looking back 1994 is up their with 1977 as a great year for music. I really wonder what it’ll take for music to get that pure injection again. Forget their next album, when Blur really were like Madness at the time of House Of Fun, the right band at the right time) – this is their defining moment. You’ll have your own opinion, for me Blur never were as crucial, the music, the nonchalance, the fashion – as when they released this, which I consider to be their best ever single release…



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