John Denver – Annie’s Song.

In 1974 John Denver, a seemingly unassuming man, had a row with his wife Annie. It’s hard to imagine the bespectacled wide-mouthed good-natured man being involved in a blazing disagreement. To clear his head he went for a walk and was overcome by regret and the beauty of his surroundings. Mountains, trees and the colours surrounding him. Annie’s Song was written in 10 minutes on that walk for his wife.

It’s easy to see why the alternative music press labelled John Denver “bland”. Truth is he was involved in political activism and sang an anti Ku Klux Klan song years before credible left of centre Alternative bands did this. Annie’s Song to me has simplicity that sounds easy to achieve yet is near impossible to reach. It was one of the first songs that I heard as a four year old and actually felt something through music. Unlike the standard Pop fare that would play out in the daytime at my Grandparents house the song just had raw magical qualities. It still does…



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