Oasis – Supersonic

In early April, 1994, Oasis released their debut single Supersonic on the Creation label. The first time I heard it was also the first time I saw it – on MTV. I had read about the band and seen some very positive Live reviews via the NME. Having only heard a demo of Cigarettes & Alcohol I could see what Alan McGhee was on about immediately with Supersonic – McGhee cited “the song was so good it must be a cover?”

Essentially Supersonic is a great introduction to the band. From the Owen Morris sleeve – simply of the band in the studio to the Decca style logo. The single peaked at Number 31 in the U.K. Top 40 Singles Chart, but the wider success story was yet to unfold. In early ’94, before the BritPop bubble / monster Supersonic sat like an oddity – Post Grunge yet an essential guitar band offering earnest, no bullshit rock n’ roll. There’s something pure about the bands original line-up before Noel toyed with them and latterly drafted in a ‘better’ drummer. It remains one of their best ever singles to this day…



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